Educational Discounts to Attractions – How to get yours.

There has been debate on a couple of Facebook groups about a website offering home education discount cards for entry to attractions at discounted rate.

If you are a home educating family, do you need one? This is the big debate at the moment. The cards are being sold for £25 and the website sells itself as: ‘Offering Home Educators BIG discounts on 100’s of attractions throughout the UK, and fantastic savings on Educational Resources.’ And: ‘As a Member of the Home Education Card you gain fantastic discounts on hundreds of attractions across the UK. Exclusive membership benefits also include savings on educational supplies, memberships and other resources.’

The discussion centres around whether they are right to sell a card to get discounts, whether these discounts are genuine, whether the discounts can be obtained without the card and whether they are chaging a fair price.

Much digging has been done relating to this by the Admins of some of the Facebook groups. What they have found so far is as follows:

After emailing EVERY attraction listed on the website, only ONE has said the discount is exclusive to card holders. MANY have stated they know nothing of the discount quoted.

The website, and card, is being run and managed by a Home Educating family.

What does this mean?

Well, basically this means that if you contact the attractions directly, you can get the same discount, FOR FREE.

My experience of ‘education’ or ‘school’ discounts

I have been to a few places with my boys (8 and 13) with a discount. Normally the websites show this discount as a schools price. The easiest thing to do is to email them and state that you would like to book an educational visit and that you are a home educating family.

This has always worked for me, and doing it via email (rather than phone) means you have written confirmation of the booking and price in case the person at the door on the day gets funny (this was useful with London Zoo recently).

Contacting these attractions yourself costs nothing and takes very little time and you don’t have to go in a group, your ‘school’ is your family unit. It can save a fortune, and often the first adult is free.

Why not give it a try