Excluded due to disability…

Disabling party for the disabled child, just a tiny example of how attitudes in general need to change to ensure this world in which we live is as enabling as it can be.

Ordinary Hopes

From a party FOR disabled children???

Christmas is party time!

Unless “your disability” cannot be “accommodated”.

But I don’t want my son to be “accommodated”.

I want him to be welcomed!

People are used to the medical model of disability, which suggests that Adam is disabled because his body doesn’t do certain things. That possibly sounds reasonable to you.

Does it?

It is true that his body doesn’t do certain things and that is why he has his wheelchair, but this funky device ENABLES him!

So much so that he is often too busy to pose and smile for the camera!

So consider the social model of disability – that a person is disabled by the built environment.

When a doorway has steps, my whole family is disabled by them. None of us go in.

But when a doorway has a slope, we can all go in.

If a department store only had an…

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