The Roman Life


Our stay in Italy is over. We have a lovely time in Rome, staying in an apartment, owned by a very helpful local, who’s English was very good.

Rome is definitely cleaner and quieter than Naples, by far. There are still shuttered buildings everywhere though, and traffic still has a little of its own mind! By the time we got to Rome,  the summer was over, so temperatures were cooler than they had been in Naples. It was still mild enough, most evenings, to wear trousers and a jumper, well into the night.

We ate a lot of pasta in this stint, with a little pizza (for comparison purposes 😉 ). Our host told us about several local places, including one owned by a friend of his. We went there first, not realising it was an exclusive place. They squeezed us in, and gave us exceptional hospitality, giving us the chance to try several traditional Roman fares, including pig’s cheek (Roman bacon).


For the sightseeing we went to the colloseum and forum, as well as a history of Rome experience, a couple of large parks and we walked in Caesar’s carriage ‘steps’ along the Appian Way (Via Appia Antica), squeezing in a tour of catacombs along the way.


Everywhere in Italy has been very welcoming and accommodating to the children, which has been lovely 🙂

On our final evening in Rome, we waved to friends back home on one of the many live webcams, situated around the various Piazzas. This was also the only time we experienced rain during our stay in Italy!

Summary of Italy: cars, people, ancient Romans,  pizza, pasta, fountains and piazzas. And SUNSHINE!


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