Flying Visits to Milan and Paris

We spent just a few hours in Milan, passing through to get the night train. Whilst there we experienced the custom of having an Aperitivo. Basically, you buy a drink with a little extra added, added and get access to the all you can eat buffet. The result? Three very full tummies for €24. Yum.


In Paris we had a little longer, a whole 24 hours! To pack as much in as possible, we metro’d to the Eiffel Tower, took a river sightseeing cruise and then walked back to our appartment for dinner. We saw so much. For dinner we tried escargot, tried being the operative word! Dinner cost more than double that in Rome and Naples, my bare holiday purse was glad we were only there one night! Breakfast was about croissant and pain au chocolate. Yum. Best of all, I have lots of yummy, stinky cheese to bring home!


One comment on “Flying Visits to Milan and Paris

  1. Beautiful picture of the Eiffel Tower. And I’m in complete sympathy with you regarding the escargot – bleugggh! Good on you for ‘trying’ them 😉

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