A month until T-Day (train day)

So we have just over 4 weeks to go, a mere month until the longest leg of our journey commences.

I have been busy collecting (hoarding) ‘things that might be useful’ in a pile in the spare bedroom. I have ordered an assortment of things to accompany us as well: plug adapters, phrase books, maps to name just a few. I have also been contemplating what the weather may bring whilst we’re away, and thus what might be appropriate to pack, we’re traveling light so this is actually quite an important point to consider, footwear and outerwear have cropped up. I am conscious that we will have to lug our things across Europe in our suitcases (with wheels), so keeping it down to a minimum is essential.

Food is another thing I have been mulling over, or more specifically snacks for the trains and in our room…

There are a couple of things in the family diary before we go, once they are out the way I can really get stuck into my lists and packing, and realise what I have overlooked…

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