What on earth am I doing here?

Hey there.

I have tried blogging, half heartedly, under the guise of my Midwife hat. I never really got into it.  I keep thinking about things, a real eclectic mix of things, mostly whilst trying to get to sleep or having a shower. I wondered if I might be just a teensy bit more dedicated to the whole blogging thing if I blogged about everything and anything that was rude enough to fill my head. 

So here I am.

What might I waffle about? Well midwifery, pregnancy and child birth related stuff for one. But also some parenting things (I am a mother after all), maybe some self-employment woes and anything else I encounter in my life. Basically most things could receive my purple fluffy waffle print!

I can’t promise to be interesting, and I can’t promise to keep up with the blogging, but I can promise I will try!


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